training-300x200In and out, to the crossover, then behind the back one two, to the step back jumper…This is just an example of some of the skills players will learn to perfect while participating in the Choo Smith basketball training program. Coaches and instructors will tell players to practice, practice, practice. However, practicing with the wrong techniques and movement patterns will only result in bad habits that are hard to break. Choo Smith basketball training focuses on teaching players the most effective way to train and practice by emphasizing detailed movements and proper technique. Training with intelligence.

The mental approach concerning athletic achievement and success is just as important, if not more important than the physical approach. If a player’s mental toughness and focus hasn’t reached an optimal level, their physical ability improvement will be compromised. Our program puts an emphasis on the mental aspect of training. Focus, integrity, work ethic, character, discipline and commitment are core values that are incorporated into every training session. These core values are transferred to our players because they reflect the lifestyle and training instruction of Charles “Choo” Smith and the Choo Smith Training staff. We use basketball to teach the important lifestyle ingredients needed to become a productive citizen and contributing member of the global community.

Charles “Choo” Smith’s training reflects the highest level of detailed technical instruction due to his extensive professional basketball experience and training. Due to his size, he always knew that he had to “stay in the lab” and concentrate on “training with excellence” in order to compete and succeed in the land of the giants. He passes on this knowledge to the next generation through his ability to proficiently demonstrate the instructional techniques with an engaging, passionate, and honest delivery that motivates players of all ages and ability levels. However, ultimately it is up to each athlete to receive, internalize and put into action all of the fundamental skills and values taught by the Choo Smith training staff.

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