Alonzo Ray

Alonzo Ray 

a-rayAlonzo Ray currently serves as Vice President of Operations for Choo Smith Enterprise and is the Personal Manager to Charles “Choo” Smith. He is responsible to oversee the daily operation of the company along with coordinating Choo’s schedule with the Public Relations Department for speaking engagements and personal appearances. Alonzo’s long standing friendship with Choo makes him able to anticipate the needs and concerns of Choo. Alonzo helps keep Choo on track and ensures that he does not overbook himself.

His roles with Choo Smith Enterprises go years beyond its creation and the purpose its serves our community today. He accompanied Choo Smith as his vision unfolded years ago, witnessed firsthand ideas, and his willingness to serve the youth in our community, while all being carried out as a two man team. After years of believing, unselfishness acts to serve, and commitment, success soon followed. Currently Alonzo and Charles currently own C.I.N.A.O. Services now operating in its 11th year. Alonzo manages the daily operation and oversees all accounts the company services. C.I.N.A.O. has sustained over time and has maintained strong relationships with each of its clients to remain successful in the industry. Alonzo was also instrumental on operating procedures for the Choo Smith Basketball Camp, speaking engagements, and personal performances for Charles “Choo” Smith. He will continue to be in debt and committed to work for the enterprise and ensure that its purpose will remain pure and genuine.

Prior to joining Choo Smith Enterprise Alonzo had a successful corporate career. Alonzo worked in the pricing department for CSX Intermodal Corporate office in Hunt Valley from 1993-1995. Alonzo worked for 10 years with Premium Financing Specialist, Inc. 1995-2005.

Alonzo is a native Baltimorean, primarily raised by mother and grandmother in the east corridor of the city. As a youth, strong family values and the willingness to serve were incorporated in his beliefs. Alonzo is a graduate from Parkville High School Class of 1988. He is currently one of the Top 5 rushers in school history. A Parkville High School Sports Hall Fame Inductee, whom was a vocal leader on the field and also proved to be athletic enough to excel on the basketball court. Honoured as one of the Top 50 basketball players in the Baltimore-Metropolitan area in the winter 1988 and 2nd Team All-Metro Football selection the fall 1988. He believes the challenges, experiences, and being a product from a single family environment are unfortunate, but were vital in all of his success today.

After six seasons of coaching Recreational league football Alonzo recently decided to stop coaching to focus on family and business. As a coach, he was very successful. Alonzo boasted a winning coaching record of 53-6, four Championship appearances, one MD State Championship, and one Eastern Region Final Appearance. Coach Zo (as he is affectionately known) believes those successes go way beyond the playbook, he states “kids want someone they can trust first and the freedom to be heard second”

Today, he resides in the Rosedale Community with is lovely wife and beautiful children.