The mission of Choo Smith Enterprise, LLC is to showcase high quality entertainment, products and services that builds a healthy, knowledgable and prosperous environment both nationally and internationally.

For the last 10 years, Choo Smith Enterprises has been a leader in revitalizing and providing quality entertainment, products and services to a diverse community.

We understand these communities because we are a part of them and have had a number of personal and professional experiences within them. We understand the needs and challenges associated with our communities and we always welcome the opportunity to champion and challenge others to join us in our commitment to growing, improving, and nurturing them.

Our non-profit efforts create a unique and comprehensive offering. As a minority owned and operated brand, we are in the unique position of understanding these valuable communities, have long-standing relationships with them, and continue to be motivated to serve them in order to increase the quality of life for the children we serve.

We hope to hear from you if you have any needs or questions – please visit the “contact us” section.